Wanted: A New Job

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Are you feeling uneasy about job security?


With High street stores disappearing and restaurant chains closing, now is a good time as any to consider pursuing your dreams.


What did you dream of doing as you were growing up?


And what job(s) have you been doing over the last 10 years?


Perhaps you found work that fitted around school hours so you could be home for the kids, but now you’re looking for something more?


Maybe you need something more rewarding?


You want to help people in a deep and meaningful way.


You may have always wanted to mentor young people; or you’re tasked with informally coaching colleagues and it’s given you a taste for a career in coaching?


Whatever your views of the day dreaming about a new job, if you want to help others, then supporting them in using their innate intelligence to:


  • make better decisions
  • connect with what they’re truly passionate about
  • Tap into the courage to pursue their dreams


then mBraining is for you.


You know when your gut instinct says “go for it” but you talk yourself out of it because you don’t think it’s such a good idea.


But, if your heart isn’t in it, is there any point in going for it in the first place?


Often, there’s a lack of congruence between what we think, feel and do (or don’t do), whether that’s relationships, going for job interviews or promotions at work, or deciding whether to buy that house or not.


We end up feeling “stuck” or experience inner conflict. We seek advice from friends, colleagues and family members and the usual response is, “If I was you, I’d trust my gut/follow my heart/think it over carefully before taking any action.”


They’ll advise you based on their own preference for being gut-led, heart-led or someone who is a ‘thinker’.


Neuroscience research supports the existence of intelligences in your head, heart and gut, validating what ancient Eastern wisdom traditions have known for hundreds of years. The head, heart and hara – the three centres – have their own ‘brains’.


Making decisions and reducing inner turmoil is so much easier when all three centres are working together, aligned and integrated.


Want to find out more? Read the mBraining book. 


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