mBIT for Personal Evolution

We need to create a world driven by compassion. If you’re like me, you want to contribute to a happier, more peaceful society, where people connect and recognise that we have more in common than our differences. To do that, we need to tap into our innate intelligence and mBraining provides a roadmap and the techniques for emergent wisdom in challenging times.

Become An mBIT Coach

Imagine coaching your clients beyond behavioural change to changing their way of being, their way of knowing the world, facilitating rewiring their neurology using your knowledge of the body’s head, heart & gut intelligences & a suite of practical tools. Coach beyond desired outcomes to emergent wisdom.

Join the growing global mBIT community helping clients take back control of their lives, health & careers & creating a more compassionate wiser world for us all. Immerse yourself in 4 days of learning & practicing this powerful modality & for ICF members, claim 24.5hrs CCEUs.

mBIT Skills for Leaders

Today’s leaders are expected to make decisions in an increasingly uncertain world; one of exponential change. Thought leaders now advocate using your intuition & compassion to help you lead through uncertainty. Yet few show you how, as though it’s implicit. If it was easy, wouldn’t  we all be doing it already? If you’ve always used logic, how do you adapt to utilise these soft skills?

This 2 day Leadership & Decision Making workshop shows you ‘how’ & neuroscience evidence of ‘why’ you need to start aligning & integrating your head, heart & gut intelligence today.

mBIT Your Personal Life

Imagine knowing exactly what you want in life, having simple tools to reduce any nerves before going for a job interview, and being able to teach your kids simple tools to stop them getting stressed at school & squabbling with their siblings at home.  While your friends are still asking whether they trust their gut, follow their heart or be sensible and use their head, you’ll be using all 3 for more creativity, compassion & courage in your life.

Start making your dreams come alive. Attend this 2 day experiential workshop – you’ll leave a changed person (literally).