Here’s What Clients Have Said

“What a very different and unusual coaching experience with Tricia, definitely not what I expected. Great results in clearing old patterns, many inherited down through generations, the awareness of which arose during our sessions. Gained awareness and clarity around what I wanted and didn't want in relation to various actions I'm undertaking as well as movement towards taking action. Challenging, energetic and fast-paced sessions with Tricia, not for the faint-hearted! If you want results and are ready to work on getting them, Tricia may be the coach who can assist you in moving forward.”

Bernie RogersTrainer

“Tricia helped me shed the light into a situation I was carrying related to my business. Her approach was totally different to what I had seen before and thanks to her help, i could finally let it go. I realised the kind of energy I was putting into it needed to be shifted in order to get what I wanted – sell my business. I can highly recommend Tricia if you want to work on your big picture, not just the petty details.”

Silvia MartinBreakup Coach

“Over the last two months since working with Tricia, I have become more confident, having increased belief and vigour as an individual. The impact on my performance at work has been clear - no ifs, buts or maybes. Only yes, can and will do.

It’s early days but in the short time working with Tricia, these positives have helped deliver benefits reflected in not only an increase in turnover, but also a feeling of success going forward. I would not hesitate in recommending Tricia, she’s been an invaluable part of my personal life and therefore business life, complementing what I already have in place, to allow things to occur with more ease, success and results. ”

Andy PriceManaging & Creative Director

“It's truly hard to put into words the kind of healing experience you receive when you work with Tricia. Not only have I been able to experience massive shifts within myself, but Tricia has taught me how to tap in and help to heal my husband and children as well.

Sometimes as a mom, we feel like we are in situations where there's only so much we can do. Tricia helps you to believe that healing is possible even in the darkest situations. Unlike other healers who get you started and walk away, leaving you to fend for yourself, Tricia holds your hand through the entire process, start to finish, until you experience that healing. My whole being, body-mind-spirit, has benefited from knowing and working with her!”

Jessica Suzanne DugasIntuitive Mentor

“I have been in agony for 3 weeks with pain in my foot & am awaiting results of my x-ray. I have been in so much pain I couldn't put any pressure on my foot. I am not open minded about alternative therapy, but I had got to the point I'd try anything. I know this sounds unreal, but I’ve had 1 [phone] session of tapping with Trish & the tight burning pain has gone. I’m 24 hours on & still no pain. I am now A BELIEVER!!! I feel amazing!! Thank you for giving me my dancing feet back.”

Donna MurphyBeauty & Perfume Representative

“I damaged discs in my spine over twenty years ago and I was in pain with my lower back. Since my [telephone] consultation with Tricia, my back pain has simply evaporated. I literally stopped taking my pain killers that evening.”

Peter AbrahamSign Language Interpreter

“I’m so pleased that, with Tricia’s help, I’m back on my path, my true mission. The sessions were fantastic and I came out of them feeling so positive and know that I can reach into my head brain, heart brain or gut brain for guidance. The sessions truly have changed my life for the better and I’m so excited about building a positive future. The sessions also enabled me to explore my spirituality more.

I can’t recommend Tricia highly enough, she is amazing at what she does. She has a gentle but no-nonsense approach and is brilliant both on a spiritual level and a business level to get you to where you want to go. Thank you Tricia, I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.”

Suzie FlynnEFT & NLP Coach

“Tricia has an amazing gift of being able to help you get right to the core of an issue simply by bringing awareness to it. I am really impressed by her laser sharp vision and ability to hone in on blocks quickly and easily! She helped me to locate the precise heart of my biggest business block and move through it effortlessly just by the act of seeing it. Having Tricia's eyes look over anything you may be struggling with would be an invaluable asset to your business success strategy.”

Ciara YoungSpiritual Coach

“Tricia has helped to re-balance many of the personal, psychological and gut feelings which have all too often held me back in the past. I don't mind admitting that I thought I could cope with a lot of things, but recently have found otherwise, and this is where Tricia came in - working in areas I would never have even known about by training my mind, heart and everything else in me to recognise triggers, accept what has happened and look towards the future in a new way. I cannot even explain it, but things have improved from the very moment I relaxed and let her set to work! I cannot thank you enough Tricia. Life begins!!”

Joanne SquiresWellbeing Practitioner

“I just wanted to write a little recommendation to thank you for all your help, it is a pleasure working with you and you really helped me with my sons and also in changing how I worked (You helped me get rid of all my frustration of not getting things done and wanting to spend more time with my family). Thanks for your help Tricia, I really appreciate it.”

Morten OvergaardBusiness Consultant

“I have been fortunate enough to work with spiritual and energetic healers previously so I had an idea of what to expect, but Tricia blew past my expectations and stunned me with the authenticity, accuracy and focus of her healing. Without going into too much detail I have had an issue from childbirth plague my entire life. Tricia found it and healed it in one session. In addition she healed a whole range of what I had thought were age related aches and pains. However the greatest benefit for me was the sense of unbelievable peace and serenity I was left with. And this was all done over the phone! I have no hesitation in recommending Tricia for any healing work - regardless of whether it is expressed as a physical, emotional or spiritual need.”

Chantell JohnsonProperty Professional

“Tricia Mitchell consistently and joyfully over delivers.
An expert in the field of Mbraining who has combined her Access Consciousness skills with remarkable natural intuition and talent, she is down to earth, practical, dedicated and passionate about her field of work.

I was lucky enough to have a single session with Tricia, we covered far more ground than I expected or would have thought possible. Lovely person, literally startling array of skills. Hold on to your hat and expect change!”

Cheryl WhiteEFT Trainer

“If you are sitting wondering if you are ready to invest in something you are not even sure you believe is real - I was in exactly the same position just a couple of months ago.

Tricia and I crossed paths through a mutual friend, I had no real idea of her amazing gifts until I experienced it first hand.

One day, I noticed she was offering a healing session to celebrate her own birthday! So I messaged her and asked her could I take part - I had asked to manifest help to shift some real sacral and base chakra issues I was having, Tricia offer certainly felt like divine timing.

The call itself started off quite "normal" but as it went on, the burping, eye rolling and eventual fish flopping that Tricia went through (don't be perturbed - they are the best parts!) produced some intense releasing and started to heal parts of my body which had been traumatised through loss.

I had lost several pregnancies and the session with Tricia she picked up my lower spinal issues, the sciatic like pain went immediately.

I'm still healing and I know it's all connected to that first session I had, it feels like I'm working through layer upon layer of physical and emotional blockages.

Since then I have also invested in more work with Tricia and it's been utterly revelatory. There is still much work to be done, but I believe that Tricia was the perfect person to manifest that will help guide me through the journey back to self.”

Natalie CazaBusiness Mentor

“This woman is POWERFUL. She immediately tapped into physical pains in my body and was able to talk to my heart, gut and head so I could understand what was causing them.

I hadn't even really registered these pains myself and wouldn't know where to start with the root cause.

She works quickly and with love and tremendous intuition.

If you feel like you're holding back in any area of your life or want to develop your own skills, I highly recommend a session with her.”

Laura LucasSoul Coach