'Shopping for Success - Ditching the hand-me-downs to achieve your goals with ease' by Tricia Mitchell in Success Uncovered. 3rd Edition

Editor: Kizzi Nkwocha

Success Uncovered is an amazing book with chapters from 15 authors, including gems such as: How To Turn Your Dream Into A Reality, Success Is An Inside Job, Develop A Successful and Resilient Mindset, Beyond the Barriers to Success and many more.

It offers practical, easy to follow advice on how to achieve greater levels of performance and achievement.  What is the magic formula that decides who will succeed in life, love and business? When is a good time to quit your existing path and change your direction?  Success Uncovered addresses these questions and much more.  If you are committed to achieving a goal, you can make it come true, no matter what; no matter what has happened in the past, no matter what anyone else thinks.  This is one book you can highlight and dip back into time and again when you need some inspiration.  Buy your copy today.

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'Letter To My Younger Self' by Tricia Mitchell in Being Me

Editor: Neha Govil

An example of collaborations created through Facebook, Neha Govil wanted to do something special for her daughter’s birthday.  The result is a collection of 15 essays encompassing a variety of topics.  Described as self-empowerment for girls with a  dream and women with a vision, I wanted to write a letter that my younger self really needed to read.  It’s 4 pages of advice such as your parents are doing their best, give up trying to be perfect, practice forgiveness of yourself and others, and a reminder to look ahead, not behind you.

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'Simple Practices To Achieve Inner Dialoguing' in The Book of Energy Healing

Editor: Kizzi Nkwocha

If you’re looking for ways to improve your wellbeing and you’re curious about alternative practices, The Book of Energy Healing is for you. It’s packed full of chapters on Qi Gong, Energetic Healing, using kinesiology (muscle testing) to assist with Multiple Sclerosis and Auto-Immune Disease. Written in everyday language, it’s practical and accessible.

My chapter walks you step-by-step through simple techniques to connect with your body.  Believe it or not, your body contains ‘intelligence’ that you can tap into, if you know how.  If you feel like “something is up” go see your physician.  If you want to establish an ongoing dialogue with your body to know what it needs to support you, grab a copy of the book. With exercises such as ‘scanning’ your body to see what needs your attention, journaling to explore hidden information and a ‘how to tap’ using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) section, you’ll have plenty of ways to achieve an inner dialogue with your body.  Get your copy today.

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Guest on Magnet For Love Podcast

Host: Lorna Poole

“Is your Gran Choosing Your Man?”

Lorna Poole’s Magnet for Love helps women attract their ideal man.  I joined Lorna to explore whether the repetitive patterns we can find ourselves in of  attracting the wrong partner or never finding love are in fact linked to our ancestors’ behaviour?  Patterns, beliefs, and behaviours can repeat from generation to generation.

I shared why it is important to study your past for clues, as well as an impromptu tapping session to help you release some of the historical ‘baggage’ you may have unknowingly inherited.

Programme length 24 minutes 27 secs

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Different Strokes for Different Folks Radio Show 13 October 2017

Host: David Clarke

My first guest spot on David Clarke’s radio show to shine a spotlight on what’s not working in their lives.

Calls start at 11 mins 44 secs into the show. Listen to how 1 caller feels blocked in all areas of life, especially relationships and career & how this is linked to a decision she made in her teens.  Another caller wants to know about her career and it links back to a childhood tragedy when she was 8 years old.

You can hear how 1 caller’s relationship with her mother was affecting her ability to express her feelings to a man she was interested in (because she was afraid her feelings would not be reciprocated).

Sometimes, it takes time to reveal the memories, as we try to forget life events we perceive as painful. So I aim to shed enough light for callers to discover exactly where to focus their healing practice.  Programme length 1 hour 14 mins

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Different Strokes for Different Folks Radio Show 18 May 2018

Host: David Clarke

I return as a guest on David Clarke’s radio show (18 May 2018) to share insights & some healing, based on seeing what I believe is the root cause of callers current situations.

Calls start at 2 mins 36 secs into the show.

We cover love, finances, career options, and invite some healing in at the end.

Programme length 1 hour 21 mins

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Different Strokes for Different Folks Radio Show 4 May 2018

Host: David Clarke

This show (4 May 2018) was good considering I was dealing with a migraine & had been physically sick three times in the hour leading up to the call, which made interpreting what I was seeing clairvoyantly challenging.

Callers ask about difficulties with studying, financial uplevelling, romance and other life situations.

Calls start at 1 min 5 secs into the show.

Programme length: 1 hour 3 minutes

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Different Strokes for Different Folks Radio Show 9 February 2018

Host: David Clarke

I returned to the show to offer insights into what may be creating difficulties in callers’ lives and relationships.

Calls start at 7 minutes 9 secs into the show. You can hear how 1 woman’s desire to create wealth is linked to a childhood incident with her wealthy aunt. Another caller, who wants to look at relationships, is taken back to childhood memories where her dog has been taken away.

These intriguing clues illustrate how our early childhood experiences still influence our lives today. Programme length 1 hour 5 mins

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"Healing Outside the Box" Series

Host: Reba Linker

“Heal Your Midlife Crisis” I was a guest on Reba Linker’s “Healing Outside the Box” series.  I share my journey & insights into the mindbody connection, META-Health (that enables us to determine the root cause of dis-ease) and healing through compassion.

Comments include: “One of the best explanations to understand the mind-body connection and health and healing. Excellent interview. Thank you.”

“Found this interview to be so interesting and informative, thank you both so much.

“This is a wonderful interview. The quote, “All that information is locked in our body’s intelligence.” is so very true and Tricia’s interview was so heartfelt.

(Url referred to in the interview is no longer live)

Programme length 28 minutes 42 Secs

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Guest on The Dr Pat Show - Talk Radio To Thrive By

Host: Dr Pat

“Making Extraordinary Normal” I was a guest on the Dr Pat show to talk about mBraining and my spiritual work.  We discuss auto-immune dis-ease, purpose, mBraining – working with the head, heart & gut intelligences and META-Health – which is a scientific framework to analyse the root cause of dis-ease.

I share how META-Health was able to provide an explanation of the bumps I had on my Achilles tendons. The url references are no longer live.

Programme length 56 minutes 10 Secs

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'Co-working and Equal Participation' in Sign Language Interpreting: Putting Theory Into Practice

Editor: Graham H. Turner Associate Editors: Jennifer K Dodds; Ernst D. Thoutenhoofd

My paper explored the interpreters’ role in managing turn-taking during interpreter-mediated events where conventions governing dialogue exchange were ignored, creating inequality among participants.  This special issue of the International Journal of Deaf Studies (2002) Vol. 18 Issue 2 was a selection of short papers on interpreting practice submitted to Deaf Worlds publication by UCLan’s Post Graduate Diploma in British Sign Language/English Interpreting graduates.

Positive Parenting DVD

Produced by: The National Deaf Children's Society

Approached by a local film company for their customer who wanted a Sign Language Interpreter whose ethnicity reflected the content, I interpreted  The Positive Parenting DVD based on the NDCS Parenting a Deaf Child Curriculum.  Aimed at families with a deaf child of primary school age or younger, the segments includes information on self-esteem, behaviour management, communication, play and reading, wider family contact and anecdotes about parenting experiences.