Reduce Stress. Improve Life

Today’s world is probably very different to the one you grew up in. You may be feeling pressured by the pace of change, demands on your time & everyone expects an immediate reply to their email or text message.  When did living become so stressful?

Your time is important to you; and yet there’s so many things to do – work, family… and when do you get to have ‘you’ time?  People talk about a work-life balance, but achieving it’s seems impossible. I prefer an integrated approach – exploring how work fits into living, co-existing, instead of the competing tensions between work and life, which can feel stressful.

If you’re looking for a better way of living, working and Being in today’s world, then you’re come to the right place. Here’s what Morten said,

“I just wanted to write a little recommendation to thank you for all your help, it is a pleasure working with you and you really helped me with my sons and also in changing how I worked (You helped me get rid of all my frustration of not getting things done and wanting to spend more time with my family). Thanks for your help Tricia, I really appreciate it.”

- Morten Overgaard, Business Consultant

Business Consultancy

Are you new to management, or an experienced manager looking for new ideas? Do you feel like you could benefit with support in your role, but sometimes you’re not sure what you need, you just feel like you’re floundering?

It’s hard to admit that we need support, but Oprah Winfrey has coaches. So does Lisa Nichols. Success comes through teamwork and working in partnership. There’s always room for growth in any management or leadership role you fill.

If you’re looking for speed, creative solutions and amazing results from  a consultant with  nearly 2 decades of business experience, who’s highly intuitive and can facilitate quick mindset and behavioural shifts, leaving you to get back to business, then arrange a complimentary, confidential success call today.

“I’d applied for many positions with little or no success apart from one interview, which didn’t go well. After my session with Tricia, I got my first interview (two days later). I have to say I went to the interview a new person, I didn’t have the usual fears and nerves. I allowed myself to be calm and alert, and the interview was a total success. The very first time I worked with Tricia, I had success, and am now working in the career of my choice.”

- Bev

Personal Development

Sometimes in life you’re going to feel like a fish out of water. Change can be uncomfortable, it often requires that you face your deepest fears and doubts, then find the courage within to move beyond them towards success.

When you’re out the other side, embracing better relationships with your loved ones, relishing the freedom of having followed your dreams, or simply enjoying more time at home with your family, you’ll realise it’s so worth the investment you made in you.

“Working with Tricia, the transformation in me has made a massive impact on my life, my family and my business. All the answers were there all the time - she showed me how to use the tools we were all born with.

A troubled relationship with our youngest child has totally turned around using Tricia’s guidance.

I now work more efficiently and have become a better husband and Dad to my family.

We place limitations on ourselves all the time, removing these limitations is Tricia’s gift”

- Mark

Wellness Coaching

Do you have an old sports injury that just won’t heal?  Perhaps you’re looking for an alternative approach to healing a chronic health condition?  True healing needs to occur physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. By understanding the mind body connection & seeing symptoms as part of a whole system (your body), instead of treating symptoms in isolation, you can uncover what’s creating disease. I work with clients using META-Health which is a scientific framework mapping out the body’s organs, disease processes, emotions & beliefs, to analyse the root cause of dis-ease.