Is it Time to enhance your professional skills?

You know your clients’ needs are greater than you can meet. Those sessions that leave you feeling that you’ve helped, but there has to be a way to work at a deeper level because that’s what’s needed.


You can see it.


You just don’t know which “tools” will benefit them. There’s just so many out there.


You know the clients who aren’t taking action – they want to, but something is holding them back.


Or the ones who tell you they’ve lost their passion for their job, or worse still, their life.  They feel numb and just want to be able to feel again.


Then, there’s the clients who feel they lack the creative ideas to pursue what they want out of life, because they don’t know what they want.


How many times have you seen clients have breakthroughs, only to return to their former thoughts and behaviour in following sessions?


You can see the issues, but what’s an effective way of facilitating change that will stick?


mBraining –  working with your body’s innate intelligence to retrain and rewire existing neural networks.  Utilising neuroplasticity to help clients grow new neural pathways.


Identify what is preventing clients acting in accordance with their thoughts feelings and actions.


You’ve heard the gut referred to as the second brain? That, along with the heart’s intelligence is what drives our passion and courage. Combined with the creative ideas from our [head] brain, we need all three to work together to pursue our dreams.


To accomplish the things your clients come to you for help in resolving.


Except, each intelligence knows how to block or constrain another.


“The head overrules the heart” in relationships.


Clients have creative ideas and heart’s desire, but lack the gut courage to follow through.


And those pesky mental blocks when the client just doesn’t know or justifies their situation.


Want to learn how neuroscience research supports Eastern spiritual wisdom of the existence of three centres – head, heart and hara.

Discover techniques to facilitate powerful shifts in clients’ way of being.


Still curious? Read the mBraining book

The head, heart and gut all contain complex neural networks.


  • Explore the 15 blocks that prevent integration of your neural networks
  • Discover the 9 prime functions of the head, heart and gut
  • Learn techniques multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) to resolve blocks, align and integrate the intelligence centres for more wisdom and compassion.


Are you read to enhance your skills with mBraining?


Train to become a certified mBIT coach


Who is the training suitable for?

Counsellors, GPs, Coaches, Therapists, Educators, anybody engaged in Learning and Development personally or professionally.


When is it? Check the Training page for details of the next workshop dates.