Healer, Intuitive Coach, Empath

I know what it’s like to build up a career and business based on something you love, and for that passion to slowly disappear, replaced by apathy and resentment.

You feel stuck between the imagined life you desire and the one you’ve created.

Each morning, you get up and go through the motions.

That enthusiasm you once had has made way for weariness and worries. What else could you do? You have responsibilities and you’re just so busy, where would you find the time? Besides, you’re so tired, you couldn’t find the energy to find a new career if you tried.

I recognise those feelings. Those times when your soul is calling you to wake up to your true desires and purpose, but you’ve lost your identity somewhere along this journey called life. You’ve been too busy running around, “doing” life, avoiding painful experiences and emotions that threaten to derail you, because you haven’t got time for that. So you keep going. Pushing through. And then your health starts to change.

At some point, you’ll be forced to address that discomfort you’ve been feeling, yet ignoring.

Life will only allow you to hit the snooze button on the alarm clock so many times. It’s like a choice you give to a child – you can come willingly, or kicking and screaming; either way, it’s going to happen.

After being pushed, instead of surrendering, I discovered the road to wellbeing and happiness is easier travelled when you cease resisting change and embrace life.

I now help empower people to explore their life choices, improve wellbeing and intentionally create the life they wish to live through coaching, writing and talks.

My background

My interest in sign language began when I was eight years old.

At university thirteen years later, I began voluntary work with Deaf and DeafBlind people.

That passion led to careers in managing staff and services for Deaf students and staff, travelling throughout the country and abroad as a freelance sign language interpreter and running my own interpreting agency.

Then I lost my passion.  I no longer loved my career.

My soul was hungry for something more.

That coupled with the onset of auto-immune antibodies and a midlife meltdown woke me from snoozing through life.

I was lost. I needed spiritual guidance, so I visited a psychic medium for guidance.

That first reading threw everything I thought I knew into question. “You’re a healer.”

Apparently, I had the same psychic gifts, but I needed to make space in my life and dedicate time to developing my abilities.

My logical self struggled to accept and integrate the spiritual self, despite knowing it was what my soul was calling me to do – to be true to myself.

We get so hung up on our identity that when anything threatens it, we risk becoming derailed.

I learned about the connection between emotions, experiences and disease, after the doctors told me there was no cure for the auto-immune issues. I retrained in ‘healing’ techniques, devoured personal development books and courses.

If you’re seeking a sense of freedom, you want to love what you do and do what you love explore what’s possible working with me.

My Qualifications

If you’re wondering about my training and qualifications, they include: 

Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy; NLP; mBIT

Advanced Practitioner in EFT with Matrix Reimprinting

Reiki Master

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT); EFT with Matrix Birth Reimprinting & Life Purpose; Hypnotherapy; META-Health (root cause analysis of disease); META-Kinetics (advanced muscle testing); Mind Detox; Mind Calm Coach; Access Consciousness ‘Bars’ & body processes.

BA (Hons) Deaf Studies with Sociology; Post Graduate Diploma in BSL/English Interpreting