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As a channel of divine knowledge and healing, I offer insights to help you identify what’s creating issues in your life, business or relationships. That means it doesn’t take weeks or months to achieve results, but hours, if you do the work.

If you’re ready to adopt a more conscious way of living and being, to bring more compassion into the world, consider whether the mBIT workshops are for you. Combining the latest neuroscience findings with ancient wisdom practices to align your thoughts, feelings and actions, mBraining can complement your existing skills or carve a new career as an mBIT coach.

Wellbeing Seminars

You know that stress has been affecting your health.  You have a sneaky suspicion that difficult events in your life may have contributed to your current illness. You’ve had enough, and are ready to explore ways to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing.

mBIT Training

Compassionate leadership, improving decision making, personal development, certified coach training and meditation.  Increase your effectiveness in your workplace, relationships and enhance your personal success. Discover more about working with your head, heart & gut intelligences.

Mentoring for Conscious CEOs

You’re a corporate executive who’s feeling overworked, stressed and searching for meaning in life. You’re looking for spiritual guidance and you’re ready to work on deeper levels of personal and professional growth. If you want to discuss business & spiritual mentoring