Hear directly from clients

Charlotte describes how we came together on Facebook, along with others, to undertake a charitable project. We then began working together. She classes our first session as in the top 3 weirdest telephone calls she’s ever had!

She shares how her procrastination & feeling stuck in her life was transformed by me “blasting” the energy ‘blocks’ preventing her from moving forward. Speed & transformations were the results.

T. A.’s no holds barred review is as honest as it gets. She shares how we quickly uncover that a business ‘issue’ was actually a ‘self’ issue. She’s also frank is saying that I’m not for everyone (very true).

Sanae had a business issue. She explains how she was 2 years into her coaching business and needed to make some decisions about expansion, yet she was uncertain.

Here how we found a limiting belief during the session that was blocking her decision making.  After her breakthrough, Sanae was then able to make some clear decisions.

Jackie shares her experience of being able to finally release the thing that she knew was there, but couldn’t reach. At the end of the mBraining session – after aligning and integrating her head, heart and gut brains, she was able to move forward in her life.  She states the session has helped her in move towards the success she wishes to achieve.

Lisa explains how we worked together, and how it resulted in people speaking to her differently and magnetising clients to her.