"Blasting" Procrastination

Charlotte describes how we came together on Facebook, along with others, to undertake a charitable project. We then began working together. She classes our first session as in the top 3 weirdest telephone calls she’s ever had!

She shares how her procrastination & feeling stuck in her life was transformed by me “blasting” the energy ‘blocks’ preventing her from moving forward. Speed & transformations were the results.

Business or Self 'Problem'?

T. A.’s no holds barred review is as honest as it gets. She shares how we quickly uncover that a business ‘issue’ was actually a ‘self’ issue. She’s also frank is saying that I’m not for everyone (very true).

Stuck With A Business

Tricia helped me shed the light into a situation I was carrying related to my business. Her approach was totally different to what I had seen before and thanks to her help, i could finally let it go. I realised the kind of energy I was putting into it needed to be shifted in order to get what I wanted – sell my business. I can highly recommend Tricia if you want to work on your big picture, not just the petty details.

mBraining for Business

This is a video testimonial from Sanae, who had a business issue. She explains how she was 2 years into her coaching business and needed to make some decisions about expansion, yet she was uncertain.

She shares that we found a limiting belief during the session that was blocking her decision making. Sanae was able to make some clear decisions after her breakthrough.

The Personal Side of Business

“I met Tricia a few months ago at a networking event and instantly felt a rapport with her no nonsense approach. The thing that struck me the most was her ability to really understand, empathise and I guess offer up a solution to my challenges - a bigger picture perspective gleaned from only five minutes of listening. Whilst the solution seemed left field, I knew she’d struck a cord deep down about my own personal beliefs, views, hang ups and fears. These “issues”, while personal and, to be honest, latent, were affecting my performance as a business owner.

I have a business coach who is brilliant, however, Tricia has helped deal with the opposite side of that same coin - the deep-rooted, often forgotten stuff that chips away without us knowing. Over the last two months since working with her I have become more confident, having increased belief and vigour as an individual. The impact on my performance at work has been clear - no ifs, buts or maybes. Only yes, can and will do.

It’s early days but in the short time working with Tricia, these positives have helped deliver benefits reflected in not only an increase in turnover, but also a feeling of success going forward. I would not hesitate in recommending Tricia, she’s been an invaluable part of my personal life and therefore business life, complementing what I already have in place, to allow things to occur with more ease, success and results. ”

- Andy

mBraining for Life

Jackie shares her experience of being able to finally release the thing that she knew was there, but couldn’t reach. At the end of the mBraining session – after aligning and integrating her head, heart and gut brains, she was able to move forward in her life.  She states the session has helped her in move towards the success she wishes to achieve.

Spiritual Healing

It’s truly hard to put into words the kind of healing experience you receive when you work with Tricia. Not only have I been able to experience massive shifts within myself, but Tricia has taught me how to tap in and help to heal my husband and children as well. Sometimes as a mom, we feel like we are in situations where there’s only so much we can do. Tricia helps you to believe that healing is possible even in the darkest situations. Unlike other healers who get you started and walk away, leaving you to fend for yourself, Tricia holds your hand through the entire process, start to finish, until you experience that healing. My whole being, body-mind-spirit, has benefited from knowing and working with her!

Tapping Away Pain

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), or often called ‘tapping’ is great. It’s sometimes described as acupuncture without the needles, as we tap on the body’s acupressure points.  EFT can be used on just about anything – weight loss, stress, emotional or physical pain, PTSD, phobias, any limitations about money, relationships, public speaking, the list goes on!

Tapping combined with statements directs your mind to find the cause of the thing you want to change. You can start your day by tapping in the morning to boost your mood, or tap to find hidden beliefs making it harder for you to write that bestseller!

“I have been in agony for 3 weeks with pain in my foot & am awaiting results of my x-ray. I have been in so much pain I couldn't put any pressure on my foot. I am not open minded about alternative therapy, but I had got to the point I'd try anything. I know this sounds unreal, but I’ve had 1 [phone] session of tapping with Trish & the tight burning pain has gone. I’m 24 hours on & still no pain. I am now A BELIEVER!!! I feel amazing!! Thank you for giving me my dancing feet back.”

- Donna xxx

Healing Chronic Back Pain

“I damaged discs in my spine over twenty years ago and I was in pain with my lower back. Since my [telephone] consultation with Tricia, my back pain has simply evaporated. I literally stopped taking my pain killers that evening”

- Peter Abraham

Healing Emotional & Physical Pains

Lisa explains how we worked together, and how it resulted in people speaking to her differently and magnetising clients to her.