My Story

As a child, I was obsessed with planets and the vastness of space.  Aged 8, I thought I’d die young – in the war to end all wars, which really worried me, yet I never told my parents. That fear obviously didn’t materialise.

I was sensitive as a child, emotionally and to harsh chemicals or non-precious metals.  In my late 30s, I discovered that I’m a Sensitive. Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Empath – being able to feel someone deeply, and mirror neuron synaesthesia are just some terms used to describe the ability to connect with people energetically and emotionally.

Being told I was a healer with all the psychic gifts was difficult. Stereotypical images of women in floaty dresses walking barefoot in woodlands abound, I was a tomboy; and I valued my intellect. Fearing people would think I was “flaky,” I wasted time and energy fighting who I truly am. Now I love it. Blending business and spirituality is my remit, helping clients navigate similar journeys as my own.  I understand you because I’ve been where you are.

Giving Up The Struggle

I know what it’s like to appear like a graceful swan gliding through the water, when in reality, your legs are frantically kicking beneath the water, as you try to stay afloat.

At times, you’ll appear to others as though you have it all together; but it feels like you’re falling apart, you start to question your judgement, lose focus and lack direction.  Where you were once confident, you’re now making decisions hoping they’re the right ones.

It can feel lonely sometimes, at the top; the pressure can be great and you could use some support.  You’ve got so many demands on your time and you want results fast.

If you’re ready to dive deep to access solutions that will help you

  • deal better with work pressures
  • sleep like a baby, unless you’ve already got one keeping you up at night
  • get your life backthen request a 15 minute initial discovery call.

My Background

I started out in business and management.  That was my first career after university.  I liked to plan ahead, but the institution and its departments had other priorities.  Despite trying to educate internal customers through awareness training and advocate for longer lead times to improve external customers’ experience, each year was the same.  The weekend before the start of term, my living room carpet was transformed into a sea of student timetables, staff with part time availability on standby and a bottle of wine to help ease the headache.

The variables in terms of availability, capability, skills and knowledge within a pool of staff, some of whom didn’t drive, made the logistics of coordinating cross-city student support from basic skills to postgraduate level fun.  During my time there, I almost died 2 months into the job (it wasn’t the job that almost killed me!) and being signed off with stressed related to ongoing workplace bullying was the determining factor in choosing to leave the organisation.

The next job was similar, though on a much smaller scale – a single site, a small cohort of students studying the same course – it didn’t stretch me.  The daily commute added hours to my day and upped my then nicotine habit.  But the post enabled me to freelance part time as a sign language interpreter.  I then set up my own agency, in response to a gap in the market, employed staff and outsourced work nationally to other freelance interpreters.

During those 12 years, I lost the passion for interpreting and my agency; I felt trapped by it. I became depressed, had a midlife meltdown, my marriage was failing and had no idea what I was going to do next. That coincided with government changes to funding support and convergence of fees so there was parity between costs paid to interpreters whether it was a hospital appointment or legal assignment. The government’s multi-million pound contract under a single provider framework agreement compromised quality, as contracts for communication services to Deaf people were subsumed within generic language and translation contracts.  The choices were partnerships with lead organisations who met the PQQ requirements, or diversify into spoken languages in readiness for the contract renewal stage.  It sounded the knell for smaller private agencies. Market rates were being influenced by the public purse driving down costs; subcontractors fought to maintain their fees in what was once a demand-led profession.

It's Personal

Sometimes, you don’t need business consultancy, but coaching or therapy work on your life ‘stuff’. Whether you want to try an alternative approach to improving an existing health condition or explore what’s creating the relationship patterns that keeps you attracting Mr or Mrs Wrong, by changing your thinking, you can create different life experiences. Learning how to be your authentic self & expressing your truth, no matter what that is, or how it may (or may not) be received is vital to living life with ease. If that’s your desire, I can support you as you let go of the old ways of being, of the person others wanted you to be, as you discover & embrace who you truly are.

My Qualifications

If you’re wondering about my qualifications, they include: 

mBIT Trainer & Master Coach

Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy; NLP

Advanced Practitioner in EFT with Matrix Reimprinting

Reiki Master

Practitioner in: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT); EFT with Matrix Birth Reimprinting & Life Purpose; Hypnotherapy; META-Health (root cause analysis of disease); META-Kinetics (advanced muscle testing); Mind Detox; Mind Calm Coach; Access Consciousness ‘Bars’ & body processes.

BA (Hons) Deaf Studies with Sociology; Post Graduate Diploma in BSL/English Interpreting