It's About Wellness

It all starts with wellbeing – everything hinges on your Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual wellbeing.  If you’re depressed, bereaved or feeling broken after a breakup, chances are, you won’t be able to think straight, it’ll affect your health and you may wonder, at times, what’s the point to life? Your faith – whatever your belief system – will be tested.  Guaranteed, it’s going to affect your relationships, both personal and professional, and business.

Your mind and body (mindbody) are connected and influence each other. What happens on the inside affects your external world – impacting all aspects of your life.  That’s why, when I agree to work with clients, we work holistically, exploring how your:

  • language
  • perception of events in your life
  • environment
  • beliefs
  • emotions

affect your biology and wellbeing.  For example, describing situations as leaving you feeling ‘powerless’ and ‘helpless’ can create changes in your thyroid. Mention gallbladder issues and I’ll start asking questions around the theme of ‘territorial anger’ (e.g. neighbour disputes, colleagues ‘encroaching’ on your remit).  So, with some mindset work, and by choosing empowering language, you can support your body in improving, or maintaining, health.  It becomes an integral part of any coaching and consultancy work we do together.

It's About Business

Working with me brings 18 years’ experience of business, management, running my own agency and working as a Sign Language Interpreter in all domains you could possibly think of, except theatre. I know what it’s like to appear like a graceful swan gliding through the water, when in reality, your legs are frantically kicking beneath the water, as you try to stay afloat.

It’s the same when you’re a leader, or a business owner; at times, you’ll appear to others as though you have it all together; but you’re feeling like a headless chicken, lacking direction & making decisions hoping they’re the right ones.

It can feel lonely sometimes, at the top, or working alone; the pressure can be great and you could use some support. If you’re ready to dive deep and welcome the possibility of experiencing big, results rapidly – when you put the work in – then request a 15 minute initial success call.

It's Personal

Sometimes, you don’t need business consultancy, but coaching or therapy work on your life ‘stuff’. Whether you want to try an alternative approach to improving an existing health condition or explore what’s creating the relationship patterns that keeps you attracting Mr or Mrs Wrong, by changing your thinking, you can create different life experiences. Learning how to be your authentic self & expressing your truth, no matter what that is, or how it may (or may not) be received is vital to living life with ease. If that’s your desire, I can support you as you let go of the old ways of being, of the person others wanted you to be, as you discover & embrace who you truly are.

It's Spiritual

When times are good, we may abandon faith, feeling we don’t “need it.” In dark times, it may feel like the only thing we have left to turn to. Whether you’ve lost faith in your own ability, in other people, in God, or you’re seeking to reconnect with your intuitive gifts, I can help you find the divine spark within you.

I work with Divine beings, and my mission as a healer & messenger of God is to liberate you from your limitations & uplift you.

OK, that sounds totally “fluffy”.  In practical terms, what that means for you, if we decide to work together, is you tell me what the ‘issue’ is, and I use my spidey senses to quickly identify the root cause. If speed is important to you in your business, or is crucial to saving your relationships, it’s an effective way to achieve results. Above all else, it’s important to be your authentic self and express your truth, no matter what that is, or how it may (or may not) be received.

My Story

As a child, I was obsessed with planets, the vastness of space and thought I’d die young – that, obviously didn’t happen. Revelation was the last book in the bible and WWIII was a constant worry. I was probably 7 or 8 years old; my family weren’t religious and somehow, I knew to keep my fears to myself. I wonder what children worry about today, beyond social media, self image and popularity, that they don’t share with their parents?

After years firefighting in management jobs, I left to freelance as a sign language interpreter. Demand was outstripping supply, so I set up an agency, providing communication support nationwide on behalf of employers, statutory service providers, education and charities. During that time, a couple of business ventures taught me that I was too trusting.

I became curious about people & their motivations, so I began reading books on NLP and articles like Kramer’s Rethinking Trust

A midlife meltdown, existential murmurings of, “What’s the meaning of life? Why are we here?” and newly emerging health symptoms was the catalyst for what I do today.

During this time I discovered the sensitive skin & emotions I had as a child is because I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) with a hyper sensitive nervous system. Pharrell Williams (who composed and sang that global hit “Happy”) sees sounds – ‘synaesthesia.’  Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS) is what HSPs have. HSPs make up approximately 20% of the population, which means you may employ some HSPs, or have a child who do not know that there’s a reason people call them, “Too sensitive.” As they process a lot of information from the environment, including people’s emotions, it’s important for them to have time alone. If you’re wondering if someone you love or work with is a HSP, you can read more about it in this article from the Telegraph newspaper here.

Being told I was a healer with all the psychic gifts was difficult. Stereotypical images of women in floaty dresses walking barefoot in woodlands abound, I was a tomboy; and I valued my intellect. Fearing people would think I was “flaky,” I wasted time and energy fighting who I truly am. Now I love it. Blending business and spirituality is my remit. If you’re seeking your purpose in life, just know that nothing happens by accident and your previous jobs & life experiences have probably been a form of apprenticeship.

If you’re wondering about my qualifications, they include: 

mBIT Trainer & Master Coach

Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy; NLP

Advanced Practitioner in EFT with Matrix Reimprinting

Reiki Master

Practitioner in: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT); EFT with Matrix Birth Reimprinting & Life Purpose; Hypnotherapy; META-Health (root cause analysis of disease); META-Kinetics (advanced muscle testing); Mind Detox; Mind Calm Coach; Access Consciousness ‘Bars’ & body processes.

BA (Hons) Deaf Studies with Sociology; Post Graduate Diploma in BSL/English Interpreting