Who is Tricia Mitchell?

Born the last six children, raised by a single mother, who left her husband while pregnant with me, like most children, I was caught in the crossfire.
I’m passionate about helping adults who are [emotionally] hurting heal for the sake of their children.
Because I know what it’s like to be a pawn between two parents who are no longer in love.
To only see the man you call “Dad” for a few hours on a Saturday, because your mum needs a childminder while she works.
I know what it’s like to grow up with a question mark over your head, hearing rumours about adultery and arguments about maintenance payments.
My young self translated those adult conversations into issues of identity, belonging, feeling unwanted (I was a “mistake”) and worthiness.  Aged twelve, my world was turned upside down.  Within a three month period, my father died, my mother relocated to an inner city, separating me from friends, school and siblings.  I effectively became an only child and latchkey kid far from ‘home’.
An outsider from a northern town, I needed to belong anywhere I would be accepted.  My mother didn’t appreciate those friends, nor their influence.
The first part of my teenage years were spent going off the rails.

Life Isn't Plain Sailing

Despite other events in my life, including:
  • School suspension & homelessness twice before I was sixteen
  • Nearly dying two months into my first managerial role. I was bullied by a colleague, unsupported by management and HR, and consequently off work with stress, in my twenties
  • Launching my own interpreting agency in my thirties, being bullied in an abusive marriage and consequently nearly taking my own life
  • An existential midlife meltdown and feeling lost – the only career goal I set was to be a qualified sign language interpreter by thirty and now, approaching forty, I’d lost all passion for it.


each time, I bounced back.

Finding Purpose and Healing

Resilience has never been an option; a skill to cultivate, but a necessity, if I was to survive.
I know what it’s like to have the house, the car, and the success that you’ve worked so hard to enjoy; that other people are envious of, but none of it matters because you feel trapped.  Trapped by your own success and some days you feel like you can’t breathe.  Because you are other people’s rock, you feel your sense of duty to make sure others are OK doesn’t allow you to crumble, or admit that you’re the one that needs help this time.
Those who wanted my life didn’t see that I’d sunk into a deep depression, because I kept up the pretence that all was well. Then I’d go home and seek comfort in a bottle, crawl under the duvet and wonder when it was going to end.  I’d always been able to find a solution, but this time, the troubleshooter was all out.
Existing in that deep abyss was where I found the gifts of spirituality.  I’d been successful, but felt something was missing. It was time to be shown my purpose and mission as a healer.  I was to blend the two – business and spirituality. But first, I needed to heal my body of the stress and shame it had internalised for decades.
Now, I share the knowledge, wisdom and tools I’ve acquired to guide clients in similar management positions transition through their life challenges.

My Qualifications

If you’re wondering about my qualifications, they include: 

mBIT Trainer & Master Coach

Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy; NLP

Advanced Practitioner in EFT with Matrix Reimprinting

Reiki Master

Practitioner in: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT); EFT with Matrix Birth Reimprinting & Life Purpose; Hypnotherapy; META-Health (root cause analysis of disease); META-Kinetics (advanced muscle testing); Mind Detox; Mind Calm Coach; Access Consciousness ‘Bars’ & body processes.

BA (Hons) Deaf Studies with Sociology; Post Graduate Diploma in BSL/English Interpreting